by year


  • Ruthie Thumbelina, a Pukipuki Ante by CP/ fairyland, 11cm.


  • Pinky and Rose, Nanofairies by Bluefairy, 5cm.
  • Frida, a Realpuki Titi by CP/ Fairyland, 9cm.


  • Signe, a Pukifee Ante by CP/ Fairyland, 14,5cm
  • Annie, a 2nd hand Lati white sp T.Jia, Master of Dragon ver. Wizywisy, tan, 12cm.
  • Alvin, an Ignatz Goblin by Daisy Dayes, 7cm
  • Lady, a bjd puppy by Daisy Dayes, 3cm.
  • Ponk, a penguin by Daisy Dayes, 4,5cm. Won.
  • Nora, a Bit o´Honey micro bjd by Joanne Callander, 8cm.
  • Billy, a 2nd hand Realpuki Popo by CP/ Fairyland, 9cm.
  • Nanni, a Fidelia Firely Faerie by Charles Creature Cabinet, 11cm.


  • Rudolph, a bjd reindeer by Daisy Dayes, 4,5cm at back. Won.
  • Marie, a Lati white T.Bayer, Little Angel Sweeties ver. Marshmallow, tan, 9,5cm.
  • Fiddle, a Fidelstix Firefly Faerie by Charles Creature Cabinet, 6,5cm.
  • Adrian, a 2nd hand Pukipuki Darjeeling by CP/ Fairyland, 11cm.
  • Sarah, a 2nd hand Huckleberry Fairy by Nikki Britt, 9cm.
  • Sunny, a Rami open eye by Petit Jiwoo, 12cm. Customized and adopted.
  • Maya, a Ladushka by Schwartsmann Art Doll, 13cm. Customized and adopted.
  • Mathias, a polymer clay cat bjd by D. Luonto, 3cm.
  • Joy, a Little Princess Holly by Daisy Dayes, 8,5cm.
  • Jacob, a Lati white sp T.Yuri, basic, 12cm.
  • Baby John, a 1:12 bjd baby by Elena Knyazeva, 5,5cm.
  • Porgy, a Blossom Fairy Po by Charles Creature Cabinet, 4,5cm. Won.


  • Emma Aurora, a Twinkle Sissi by Meadowdolls, fair, 16,5cm. Won.
  • Sandy, a Lati white sp2 T.Ari, Animal Friends in Savanna ver. Meerkat, 12cm.
  • Charlie, an Itty Ellemeno by Nikki Britt, apricot, 11cm.
  • Ariel, a Gelefuxiaoxiao, 4cm.
  • Tanaka, a Fleur by Dream High Studio, bought blank, 13cm.
  • Penny, a Mini Gracie by Kaye Wiggs, 35cm. Won.


  • Wilma, a Lati white t.Rose from the Alice in Wonderland release (smaller Alice, ns), 9,5cm.
  • Robin, a My Meadow Twinkle Navi in honey resin, 16,5cm.
  • Oreo and Primrose, kid goats by Daisy Dayes, 3,5cm at the back.
  • Tiberius Hoot, owl by Daisy Dayes, 6cm.
  • Emily, Katya by Tatjanas´ tiny kids, 12cm.
  • Sophie, My Meadow Bailey Twinkle fair, 16cm. Won.
  • Daisy, Baby Kasper from Resindolls, 8,5cm.
  • Lady from Resindolls, 19cm. Adopted.
  • Camilla, My Meadow Kyrra Twinkle cream, 16,5cm.
  • Signe, bjdcat from lika_doll.polina 1:6 scale.
  • Wilbur, Lati white t. Joy, new basic, ns, 9,5cm.


  • Gina, Itty Poppy, human in toffe tan, 11cm.
  • Astrid, Tanya, by Tatjanas´Tiny Kids, 19cm.
  • Timothy, Tim by S_Miladoll, 15cm.
  • Olav, Lolo by Nuznovadoll, 13cm. Adopted.
  • Violet, Lati white t. Hana, Little Lizard, tan, 9,5cm.
  • Rosemary, Realpuki Soso, ns. 9cm.
  • Ronald, Lati white t. Hana, Latisland Little lizard, peach white, 9,5cm.
  • Elise: Artist danhuangapril_doll Doll name:小豆包. 7cm.

  • Mini Diandian, Yuyudoll, 8cm.
  • Bonnie; Meadowdoll Sprout Nunnu, 12 cm.
  • Pim, garage set by Logan dolls, 12cm
  • Charlotte, Lati yellow Hana, New Basic, 16cm.
  • Mini Dada, yuyudoll, 8cm.
  • Lorelai, Piki by S_Miladoll, 15,5cm.
  • Benjamin, Lati white sp basic Elly, ns, 12cm.
  • To be continued...


  • t.Mina, Dear Minaz, peach white, Lati wsp. 12 cm
  • Vera, by Tashidolls, 13cm