Jacob and the Girls

"Where are we going?"

Sandy is bussy with her playing when Jacob, clearly excited about something, takes her by the hand and says:

"You´ve got to see this!"

Jacob sits down next to some miniature machines and says:

"Look at these, they are the coolest ever!"

Sandy shakes her head thinking

"He dragged me over here for this?"

Sandy goes back to playing with the dollhouse while Jacob is clearly disappointed with his sisters lack of interest. He gets a little comfort from talking to Lady.

"How come she doesn´t think these are the coolest things ever also?"

Jacob decides to see the positive in things and goes on playing.

"Well, at least I get to have both trucks to myself."

After a little while Thumbelina and Marie walks by.

"Hey, are those new?"

"Yes they are!" Jacob excitedly exclaimes. 

"Look, it moves here and here just like a real excavator!"

"That´s pretty cool I think", says Thumbelina while Marie checks out the dumper. 

And then they all played together for a while.